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Our Story: That’s All | That's All Greetings

There are times in life when you need to spin tall tales with fancy language and fluffy phrases. Our cards are not for those times. At That's All Greetings, we believe in cutting to the chase, and finding humor in our everyday lives.

Whether you've fallen in love, need to quit your job or want the remote control, we'll help you get to the point.

We believe in the power of laughter, in fact our cards were conceived in my sister's hospital room while she was being treated for ovarian cancer. Being able to say, "You have cancer. That's all!" allowed her and myself to find humor during a stressful time, and aided in her recovery. That's why a portion of all our proceeds go to the fight against ovarian cancer.

We promise to never stop our fight against cancer, and we also promise to never beat around the bush.

Say it like it is.

That's All

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